『 dum spiro spero。』


M, 24, Colorado. INFP. Vegan.

Enclosed are the journals, sufferances, and myriad artistic influences of an androgynous writer-musician, struggling to make sense of the world and their place in it.

Subjects likely to appear on these pages include but are not limited to:

•animal rights
•human rights (and inhumanities)
•INFP-related findings/insights
•mental illnes
•transhumanism (H+)

and probably many other topics that have slipped my mind.

(If you find any of these things disagreeable, I strongly urge you not to follow, as I hold many interests, and trigger warnings are not one of them.)

This page is NSFW.


Tag(s): #feminism
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Katatonia | The Racing Heart
Dethroned & Uncrowned (2013)

If I sow a wind now I will reap a storm
Anonymous said: Do you miss anyone?

Oh, every single day.

Just a few more minutes!

Just a few more minutes!

— Ghazal of Ghalib, epigraph, The Sacred Art of Dying
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Rentrer en Soi | 偽りの渦
— 水夢見る蝶々 (2005 single b-side)

Anonymous said: Do you have an Instagram?

I do, though it is rarely updated. I’m talking 1 photo, and this was before my stay in Manhattan.

Kinda waiting for the Note 4, the new iPhone, or preferably the Project Ara phone before I really start updating things. With my current camera’s lack of pixel quality, I just don’t see the point right now, you know?

Still, feel free to message me if you’d like to follow me on there.


Drawn - Group Exhibition, 2014
Galerie Nordenhake


Drawn - Group Exhibition, 2014

Galerie Nordenhake

(Source: 87km)